Important Facts About the Census


Important Facts About the Census 

The Census is Safe 
• The census is safe and your information is private. 
• It is illegal for anyone to share your information and there are laws that prevent anyone from providing your information to anyone. 
• The Census Bureau can only use your response to create information about the general population, like how many people live in your city, and statistics about age, gender, and race. The Census Bureau cannot share information about you as an individual. 
• There will be no citizenship question. 

Everyone Must be Counted 
• Once every 10 years, the census counts EVERYONE living in the U.S. – regardless of age, race/ethnicity or citizenship status. 
• It is important that everyone living with you is counted – children, relatives, friends and roommates. 

Filling Out the Form is Easy 
• You can complete the census online, by mail, or by phone. 
• You will be asked a few simple questions, like your age and the number of children in your home. 

Your Family and Community will Benefit 
The census helps decide how much money Los Angeles will get for important things like: 
Each person counted in the census means more money will go to your community for the next 10 years. Participating in the census means you are claiming your community’s fair share of federal money. 

This is Your Chance to be Heard 
The census also decides how many elected officials L.A. County will send to Washington, D.C. 
• Being counted makes sure your voice will be heard. 
• It is your chance to safely resist exclusion.